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Spectrum Studies
Flugfarben 2
Flugfarben 1
Ledoux - Arc-et-Senans


Tilopa's instructions to Naropa
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This is Tilopa speaking to Naropa in an interview situation.
The text may be is old more than thousand years. Here applied is a translation into Italian.
There is NO sound ! Reading only .

How to use this special file:
1. Start it as HD if possible or even better download the original.
2. STOP the movie at any point while following the text is HIGHLY recomended.
3. Do reflect on the meaning and start / stop when needed.

When your mind becomes really conscious then will remain no doubt about when to stop/go and where to stay or move towards. That's a training program you may practice here while reading the text.

The text is about the philosophy about "mind" called Mahamudra.
In the background the movie shows perceptions of the camera shaking by all kind of disturbances while looking outside of the viewer's surrounding. The images show be very ordinary situation with still-life environment in a room - difficult to understand, no hope to find localizations.
No people there - the viewer is the person concerned only.

Then stop this way of a watchers life by stopping the movie and read !

Change between drive on and stoppage again. Remain in the realm of the meaning of this text. You are the driver !

This is a practical introduction into the meaning of the words written together with a practice of cultivating the mind, not grasping things and views.
Normally this experience of "not grasping" is very difficult to recognize. The movie tries to encourage this step by giving you motivation to STOP it and then DRIVE on. You will gain unhindered unblocked capacities and and never fall back into dependency of the grasping mind's commands. That is the text speaking about and gives explanations more in-depth.

Move and stop - this film needs your own engagement and training.
I think you got it !

copyright Rigdrol Video Herbert Giller 2009