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Spectrum Studies



video by Herbert Giller, Rigdrol Video 2011
music by
Anna Pidgorna

A video composed for the music piece titled "Spectrum Studies" by Anna Pidgorna.

A compilation of already existing music with images. The images are arranged along the line of music. Both elemts show up knots and release, independence and correlation, communication and subtle interaction.
I was fascinated by the transparancy of sound in such a visual environment. I beleive, that ear and eye together recognize more, whenever both perceptions are related and tuned. This is an experiment to proof and experience the limits of perception and their interactive positions.

Many thanks to Anna Pidgorna for this soundtrack.

The source was taken from

There she writes about on Soundcloud.com:
This was my first attempt at spectral music. It is also quite serial. I am using the first nine (if I remember correctly) partials of the clarinet spectrum. There are no quarter tones since I'm working with glockenspiel and vibraphone. I didn't think they'd appreciate it if I filed them down.

Instrumentation: clarinet in Bb, glockenspiel and vibraphone played by two players.








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Off the Voice by Anna Pidgorna


The inspiration for Off the voice came as I watched a friend, a vocalist, struggle with a sickness, which left her terrifyingly mute for several weeks. For me it came to represent a much wider problem: the inability to express ourselves due to some real or imagined impediment, a suffocating disease we suffer in various spheres of our lives.






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